Finally the first single of our upcoming album "Collateral Dimension" is out now!
This was featured also in the previous Demo 2019 available for free here:
Preorders will be up really soon, stay tuned!

Hey there guys! We feel like we owe you some updates in regard of our new album. Our label Transcending Obscurity Records had to face a few delays due to the Covid-19, sadly so album release is slightly postponed but we should have infos for you soon.
To make up for the wait we decided to not only heavily discount all our merch, btu also print some physical cds for our "Demo 2019" and you'll get one for free with every bundle you pick up from us! All orders also get a poster and a pin!

This has been a pretty hard hit for us but bear with us and enjoy the free goodies!

Links to the shops here:


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